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how long should my hairs be before i can come for an intimate/body wax?

Make sure your hair is long enough to remove completely from the roots – we recommend it should be at least 0.5 centimetres. If you’ve shaved the area within the last few weeks it might take a couple of waxes to get your hair into a cycle of growth that allows the most effective wax finish. ( We advise clients to trim down if possible before having a wax as this can help reduce the duration of the wax session & make waxing more comfortable.)


The process of waxing removes the hair from the root, so it’s important that you keep the area clean and bacteria free. This means:

- No sunbathing for at least 12 hours (try to have your waxing done at least the day BEFORE you go on holiday/spas)

- No swimming in a chlorinated pool for 24 hours ( same applies for spas + saunas)

- Avoid applying any topical lotions for at least 12 hours (fragrances and other lubricants can cause a burning sensation)

- Avoid touching the waxed area to ensure it remains bacteria free